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My unforgettable night

Evelyn Buarque , Barbara Alves
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Limp Fetish
Date May 18, 2024
Price $ 18.99


Barbara Alves, with bad intentions, changes her friend's (Evelyn Buarque) medication and makes her fall into a deep sleep in the bathroom. Barbara takes it upon herself to take her naked friend into the bedroom and put her to bed, checking to see if her friend reacts to her movements. Realizing that she is totally unconscious, she takes advantage of the moment to satisfy her desires, willingly abusing her friend's body, without her remembering what has happened.

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May 18, 2024

This video was nice. You should do another with the blonde asleep this time. Also two suggestions; more closeups of the soles of the feet being licked or nibbled and fondling the titts from behind like sabines titts were fondled in her first limp video. But nice actresses, positioning. Please just add the two things and we should be good!!


May 16, 2024

this looks great!! both great looking hot girls! and she moves her a lot! do one with blonde sleeping

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