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Wee need to talk

Tay , Adriana Fuller
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Jan 21, 2022
Price $ 15.99


Tay is still thinking about what happened the other night while watching the movie with her mom and sister. She loved the way it felt and how forbidden it was, but she can't let it happen again. Dear God she loved the way it felt. She decides to go for a walk and clear her head. As she's walking, she keeps thinking about it. Feeling it all over again. She finds herself at her mom's office and decides to go in and talk about it and let her mom know that it can never happen again. As she knocks on the door and goes in, her mom is finishing up a call, getting to some other work. Adriana greets her, "Hi honey what's up?" Tay is nervous to start talking, but knows she has to get this out. Adriana is making a bit hard as her shirt is unbuttoned revealing her enormous cleavage. As Tay starts talking, her mom notices that she's looking at her breasts, but lets her continue. "Mom, that night...umm...that night" "What's wrong Tay?" Asks Adriana. "You know you can talk to me". Tay continues, "That night, can't happen again. It felt so good, but it wasn't right". Adriana smiles and tells her, "I know my dear. It did feel fantastic, and I love you staying with us while your house is being worked on. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, it's fine." While she's saying this, she can see Tay still looking at her breasts licking her lips, so she knows her daughter doesn't mean it and wants more right there in the office. After they talk, Tay smiles and thanks her mom for understanding, and tells her that she loves staying with her. She lets Adriana get back to work and goes to leave. As Tay is leaving, Adriana quickly grabs her arm, slams the door, pins her against it and kisses her so deeply that Tay is powerless against it. Tay doesn't even try to fight it as she did want this but she didn't want to admit it. She tries to resist, but her mom is kissing her so passionately that it instantly makes her wet. Tay soon gives in, and they both go at harder right there in the office. "Baby we have to be careful no one sees us, and promise you can never tell", Adriana tells Tay between kisses. "Just keep kissing me mama, I won't tell. You have to give it to me good" Adriana looks at her, "Ok, you want that? Ok" They take turns pinning each other up against the surfaces of Adriana's office grinding and kissing each other vigorously putting their hands all over the other's, frantically deeply kissing knocking things over, making a mess of Adriana's office. They are rushing to get each other's clothes open, sticking fingers in each other's mouths drooling all over each other. They don't care about the noise they are making. It feels so wrong, but SO Good! Tay wants Adriana all to herself this time. She knows what she came there for, but this is definitely better. All over the office, fingering, tribbing and kissing deeply excites them both so much! Anyone could walk in and see them, but they don't care. "Oh my God, all three of my daughters! I want you all", Adriana cries out. "Fuck me mama, right here, all over this office!" Tay screams out, while trying to eat her mother's breasts, sucking on them harder and harder as she fingers her making her moan louder and louder. Tay knows it's wrong, but "Yes mama please!" she says. "Yes baby, I know", her mother says as they fight to rip each other's tops off and finger each other through their pants. Tay rips her mother's pants off and starts fingering her mother licking her pussy hard on the desk. "Yes baby, make mommy cum!" screams Adriana. "Yes mommy, tell me what to do!", moans Tay as she reaches up grasping her mom's tits. Adriana lifts Tay's head up and pulls her pants off, throwing her on the desk starting to finger her tight pussy. "Kiss me while you finger me mama, please!" Adriana grabs her daughter, pulls her close and sticks her tongue deeply in Tay's mouth while pumping her fingers in and out of Tay, muffling her screams with her own mouth. "That's it baby, fuck mama's fingers. Just like that!" Little does Tay know that Adriana keeps a special something in her desk drawer - a strapon that she wants to pound Tay with! "Manuela will love this mama when she comes back into town!" Tay says.

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Jan 11, 2022

"Oh my god, all three of my daughters! I want you all" Hmm I can imagine a very hot get together with Adriana and those daughters (Tay, Manuela and Penelope). ;D


Dec 15, 2021

Tay always makes the difference in every film and strap-on scene is a lovely thing to bring to your lovely films. We would love to see a film of Tay and Jessica Flores with strap-on thanks.


Dec 10, 2021

Tay and Adriana are perfection together !!! I would like them with Venuss.

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