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sex and feet worship

Tay , Rebecca Santos
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Worship
Date Mar 23, 2023
Price $ 15.99


Tay and Rebcca santos finally have time to enjoy each other, they are on the bed kissing but Rebecca wants more, she wanna suck Tay's pussy, so she goes down and start the oral sex. While Rebecca is working on the pussy she lets the feet closer to Tay´s face that is looking and kissing Rebecca´s soles. Rebecca wont stop until Tay cum on her mouth, only after that Rebecca stop sucking her pussy and they start to worship each other feet, licking their soles and using the feet to masturbate their pussies.

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Mar 23, 2023

Actually, half of it is Tay sucking Tay sucking Rebecca's soles same angle, and nobody know what Rebeca is doing... And half of the other half is also this....


Mar 23, 2023

Unfortunatey, this is another of those videos where you don't care to show the toes (some closeup of Rebeca sucking on tay's toes). In 30 minutes, not one close up of Tay's toes. It's almost all soles. Very disappointed

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