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My foot is a jewelry

Giovanna , Karla
Duration 18 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Fetish
Date Aug 21, 2018
Price $ 12.99


One of Giovanna’s favorite jewelry is missing and she believes that Karla has stolen it. So she calls Karla and even before she defends herself, Giovanna puts her foot inside her mouth. The angry Giovanna makes her lick all the entire foot, giving special attention to every single one of the toes, then she licks the sole and the ankle against her will. You can see the feet getting wetter by the time and the saliva traveling down on Karla’s face. Karla is not enjoying very much but doesn’t disobey her mistress. On the other hand, Giovanna is loving that punishment and the sensation of having her feet very well licked, sucked and wet.

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