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A Trail of Love

Bowie , kimberly
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Feb 17, 2024
Price $ 21.99


Kimberly and Bowie, an adventurous couple, decide to play a romantic version of hide-and-seek. Kimberly leaves small handwritten notes as clues, leading Bowie on a treasure hunt that spans their cozy home. Bowie follows the trail of notes, each one carefully placed, feeling a growing sense of curiosity and affection. The notes speak of cherished memories, inside jokes, and promises of everlasting love. With each step, Bowie's heart swells, overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and depth of Kimberly's gestures. Bowie feels an explosion of love for Kimberly, and suddenly, cannot take it anymore. She frantically takes off all of Kimberly’s clothes and makes out with her deeply. She then looks deeply into her eyes, and admires her gorgeous body. She then lustfully asks Kimberly to get on the kitchen counter and spread her gorgeous pussy. We get a beautify shot of Kimberly’s pussy as it’s spread wide open, Bowie quickly move in and plunges her tongue deeply into Kimberly as she spreads her own lips and savors every, stroke, every sensation.

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