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Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Trample
Date Sep 26, 2012
Price $ 18.99


The domes Carina Garane, Fabi and Maysa want to give a hard lesson to Renatinha, the girls wish that renatinha suffer and feel a intense pain. For this punishment, renatinha is bound to worship these 6 perfect feet, sucking the toes and soles of the domes, after this, the girls are ready to start, first Renatinha was put in her correct place, on the floor. Now, the girls are stepping her fragile body, a full weight trample body and head. The pression on Renatinha´s body is almost unbearable for a little girl. The girls contunues the DEMEAN, jumping, kicking her face and parading on her body.

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