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Spit Love by Chance

Lizandra , Ivy
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Spit
Date Aug 23, 2013
Price $ 14.99


By chance, good things happen, many relationships have begun by chance, many meetings were by chance, and this was how Liazndra and Ivy met by chance. Many of these meetings take place in the elevator, or waiting for the elevator to arrive, pulling a conversation, talking about unrelated issues...Ivy finds Lizandra in the elevator lobby (by chance) Suddenly Ivy spits on the ground, Lizandra was stunned, could not believe what he saw and argued: "Why did you do that? Because disperdiçou spit on the ground, one might as well spit in my mouth!" It so happen by chance encounters, and just a good chat and a lot of saliva in the mouth.

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