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Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date Sep 29, 2019
Price $ 21.99


Today is the day to torment Jack! These seven girls come together for this, and tie him in a chair. They start with licks, drooling kisses and bites on his face, but the more uncomfortable he gets, the worse it gets! They spit into Jack's face, which is covered in sticky white saliva. Soon after, they take him on a leash to the bedroom and lay him on the bed, because the best part arrives: the seven will climb on top of him and rub their pussies and ass in his face! Being stifled by a sea of genitals, Jack goes into despair and runs out of air, but the girls have so much fun that there's no mercy. Do you think he will survive for so many girls, and among them, a BBW? Hardcore!

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Dec 19, 2021

OMG -- What a dream for every Man


Jul 16, 2021

I love this anywomen wanna do this I will pay you

adri ano

Nov 03, 2019

Lucky man!


Oct 11, 2019

tongue all over his body next time please


Sep 26, 2019

This is great!! But why always with man slave? PLEASE make one clips with ONLY girls. Girl gang with slave GIRL. It would be awesome!!!!

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