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Our dear pony

Carol Castro , Nicole , Milla
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Pony Play
Date Sep 08, 2020
Price $ 21.99


Nicole brought a new pony to show to her friend Carol, and these two will test her strength together! They check Milla's teeth and sit on her back, pulling on the halter and making her go around the room countless times. The dommes decide to make out on top of the pony and make her support them in the meantime, without resting, being able to stop just to give Carol or Nicole a short lick in the ass. It is torment and a sacrifice for Milla's arms and legs, which lose strength and end up hurt by countless turns, and the weight of two girls on top of her. Carol and Nicole still feed her with horse food and almost make her vomit. Poor thing!

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