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Horse slave's test

Bia Mello , Poliana
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Pony Play
Date Aug 11, 2020
Price $ 18.99


Bia Mello is very hot, with her huge breasts, thighs and ass! Today, she will make her new slave Poliana bear all of her weight, testing her, and making her carry her as if she were a horse at her disposal. Poliana is small and very weak, so when Bia sits on her back and presses her legs around her neck, the girl makes an enormous effort to be able to walk around the room supporting her weight. When Poliana weakens, Bia stifles her between her breasts or in her vagina, but soon sits down again on her new mare and imposes her to walk more around the room, until she learns how to please this delicious domme on her walks. This slave ends up exhausted and traumatized!

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