Whose spit is it?

Milla , Isabel , Manu Fox , Saori Kido
Duration 12 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Spit
Date May 12, 2019
Price $ 9.99


Milla is already tied up and blindfolded, ready for her demeaning session. This time, she will suffer in the hands of three dommes: Manu, Saori and Isabel. With a lot of desire to mistreat the slave, these three gather all the saliva they can in their mouths and start spitting in Milla’s face, like a target! Because she is blindfolded, the dommes challenge her to find out which spit belongs to which domme, but of course the slave can’t do it, and these three get even more cruel with her. A lot of saliva builds up inside Milla's mouth and the girl suffers from it, because she can’t swallow or drop! Oh, I bet after that, she didn’t feel thirst for a long time!

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