Pleasure and relaxation

Vivi , Chris Castelary
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date May 23, 2019
Price $ 15.99


Chris is exhausted after training all day at the gym. She can’t stand the pain she’s feeling on her feet anymore, and needs someone to massage her. Without thinking twice, she decides to call her slave Vivi, who loves her feet, to relax a bit. Of course, Vivi obeys promptly and in seconds, the slave already has Chris' feet in her mouth, kissing the entire surface and licking toe by toe. Chris' socks are ripped off by Vivi's mouth, that also spreads her saliva all over the domme's soles, doing her best to give Chris a full and pleasurable feet care session. It's wonderful to watch how much they both relax and enjoy the moment!

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