No sellers allowed

Gaby Volp , Camily , Michael
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Farting
Date Dec 14, 2018
Price $ 11.99


Gaby and Camilly are laying on their sofa, just resting and chatting about how tired they are from sellers knocking at their door. As they discuss this, someone knocks and thinking it’s a friend, they tell the person to get inside. Surprised by another seller, trying to make them buy underwear and complains about Gaby’s farts, they decide not letting the seller go home without something he won’t ever forget. He’s obligated to lick their big asses and rub his thin nose on it, smelling the disgusting farts they are liberating. The girls have fun and get hornier as they make him put his hard tongue on their asses and say it’s delicious. As he keeps insisting on selling underwear, they fart even more in his mouth, until he finally gives up. After that, I’m sure this seller won’t ever try to convince girls to buy underwear with him again.

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