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Food tastes like saliva

Categories: Spit Food Fetish Cast: Jaqueline | Manuela | Patricia Carter Time: 30 Minutes Price: $ 15.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Patricia and Manuela are prepared to give Jaque a demeaning and disgusting treatment. When she arrives, she is already panicked to see the plastic on the floor, knowing she will suffer in their hands. Manuela and Patricia will eat and spit everything in the slave's mouth, making a disgusting food slime! Chocolate cookies, banana, and bolognese pasta are chewed by the two dommes, who exchange food with each other, and then make Jaque chew and swallow the gooey paste. Jaque is still forced to eat the remains that are in the girls' asses, pussies and breasts, satisfying them and being demeaned at the same time. The amount of food that covers the girl's body is absurd!

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