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Facesitting in the garden

Categories: Facesitting F/F Cast: Outro | Jade | Leticia Miller Time: 29 Minutes Price: $ 11.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Leticia and her friend are really pissed because Jade had combined with them to meet in the park and just hasn’t appeared. They look for her everywhere, getting angrier as the time of their meeting goes by. When they finally find Jade, she’s laying on the grass, tanning! What an outrage! It’s time to show her she can’t mess with these girls and when she sets a meeting, she has to show or at least give satisfaction. Leticia and her friend take off their underwear and sit on her face, together, right in the garden, just to make her lost the air and suffer as much as she needs to learn a lesson. They torment her and Jade just accepts the punishment, not complaining and almost crying with those big butts on her face. Breathtaking!

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