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Boyfriend's stealer

Categories: Facesitting F/F Cast: Isabel | Adrielly Fernandes Time: 33 Minutes Price: $ 15.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Adrielly is going crazy calling her boyfriend and he doesn’t answer her. Isabel then decides to tell the real reason he no longer wants to know about Adrielly: Isabel is now his new girlfriend. When she hears this information, the brunette becomes extremely irritated and loses her patience with her friend, cursing and attacking her, in a blow that makes her trap between Adrielly's legs. Isabel can hardly imagine that that will be one of the worst moments of her life, because although the brunette is very thin and small, she has an incredible strength and a huge ass covering Isabel's face. In addition to being completely out of breath for too long, she still has her face rubbed by Adrielly's pussy until she cums. What a wonderful demeaning!

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