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Begging for breath

Categories: Hands Stifling Cast: Outro Time: 30 Minutes Price: $ 11.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

After a whole week on the hospital because of having trouble breathing, this beautiful brunette is resting on her bed. Her roommate comes by and sits at her side on the bed, smoking her cigarette as always. Tired of being sick because of the cigar smoke, the brunette asks her friend to put out her cigarette. The roommate challenges her and refuses to quit smoking. Here’s when the hot brunette gets really pissed and decides to obligate her to stop, by some heavier measures than just asking. She ties her hands and uses a pillow, condoms, plastic bags and even the ashes of the cigarette to stifle her and make her beg for breathing. Good revenge? Come and watch!

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COMMENTS FROM THIS MOVIE - Begging for breath 2019-03-05 23:34:53 UTC

EXCELLENT video!!! I LUUUUUV seeing the victims hands tied behind her back while being pinned down and smothered by a pillow. I just wish I could view this video at google chrome!!! I hope this video can be viewed at google chrome soon!! 2019-07-03 17:14:27 UTC

I should update my previous comment for the record. About 3 month's ago, as I type this, I added firefox-mozilla to my search options upon the request of the newmfx team and I am happy with that decision. Oddly, however, after a few days of visiting this site at firefox, a security risk pops up. I still prefer to watch these videos there because firefox has a desirable feature that google-chrome and internet explorer does not have i.e. I can capture a screen image directly from the video and add it to my private files where I can then resize the image and change the lighting etc.