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A maid has to clean… With saliva!

Categories: Dirty Feet Foot Slave Cast: Priscila | Victoria | Babi Ventura Time: 31 Minutes Price: $ 15.99 Pack with: 1 Clips Description Movie

Victoria and Babi are relaxing while smoking their cigarettes, but the slave Priscilla complains about the smell and these two dommes are sure to not let her be so rude without punishment. Priscilla ends up being forced to clean their dirty boots with the tongue, besides having to lick their bare feet, have her mouth spit and be smothered by cigarette smoke. To make things even worse, Victoria and Babi soak their feet of mud and grass, and make Priscilla lick every inch of their soles and toes, mixing saliva with clay until all four feet are clean and shining. After that, Priscilla will have an enormous stomach ache from eating so much grass!

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