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Tasting the poison itself

Ellen , Paris
Duration 29 minutes
Quality HD
Category Limp Fetish
Date Apr 01, 2020
Price $ 11.99


Ellen and Paris arrive exhausted and very thirsty, and Paris takes the time to bring a refreshment to Ellen and use a powder to poison her. However, Ellen is smarter and changes the glasses, making Paris drink the poison. Ellen continues to pretend that she has been poisoned and is lifeless, and Paris takes the time to suck her breasts, caress her body, lick her pussy and rub herself in her, making a delicious tribadism. Until Ellen reveals that she is alive and Paris gets lifeless because of the poison! It's the brunette's turn to take advantage of Paris's delicious body, and she uses the brunette to feel great pleasure. Two delicious girls in lesbian sex, while one is delighted and the other is immobile!

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