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Mommy and my boyfriend

Latifa , Nikki , Rosana
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Limp Fetish
Date May 08, 2019
Price $ 14.99


Nikki is laying on the bed, when Rosana arrives dressed with a lingerie for Christmas. They start making out and when they’re almost on the climax, Latifa arrives and catches them in the act! She gets pissed and Nikki leaves the room, letting mommy and girl fight. Not accepting her mommy’s romance with her boyfriend, Latifa ends Rosana’s life stifling her, and decides to finish the job Nikki has started. This little girl uses her hands and her own pussy to rub and finger Rosana, making sure she has the last pleasure of her life. Mommy and little one satisfying themselves together and touching every part of each other’s body… In the end, Latifa can have her boyfriend only for herself!

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