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Have you seen my special toy?

Samara , Bia
Duration 31 minutes
Quality HD
Category Limp Fetish
Date Aug 22, 2018
Price $ 14.99


Samara finds the secret sex toy of Bia and starts to masturbate herself. This pissed off Bia, who decides to take advantage of the situation. She uses a special substance to make Samara travels to the dreamland for a very long time, and Bia continues the work that Samara started. She takes of Samara’s clothes and uses the big sex toy to fuck her very hard and with a lot of anger. She grabs the dildo and put it deep in Samara’s pussy for a very long time. Although Bia is very angry, she kind enjoys that different moment with her friend and keeps on fucking her. Come to watch that revenge very closely with some exclusive moments.

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