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Drop me and i'll hit you

Scarlet White , Felicia
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Aug 25, 2020
Price $ 18.99


Felicia is a young slave, small and weak. Unfortunately for her, she is chosen to serve Scarlet, a domme also new, and eager to make Felicia suffer. Scarlet starts by using the girl as a pony and making her walk on all fours while leaning on her back, but soon Felicia loses strength in her arms and is unable to support the weight. She still has to endure Scarlet climbing on her back, on her lap and on her shoulders, but the girl can barely stand when carrying the domme, with so much weakness and pain in her body. Scarlet hits the slave each time she interrupts the carrying, and also stifles her with her own hands to make her more breathless and tired. Poor thing!

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