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Agatha , Erika , Manoela
Duration 60 minutes
Quality HD
Category Lift Carry
Date Apr 20, 2017
Price $ 10.00


Agata and Erica, two beautiful and evil blonde girls using black dresses and boots accept the offer of Manoela, a candidate to be a pony girl, she wants to be training by the luscious girls. The test is hard, the two mistress make everything so that Manoela doesn't get to be approved. The riding pleasure of the two blondes are in their faces. A lot of pony rides with Agata and Erica on top and long periods where they both sit on pony Manoela's upper body. You could see the transfer of power from slave to the two Mistress. In the end of the video Manoela can ask: Can I be a pony girl?

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