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Slave for 2

Tay , Milla , Morena Rosa
Duration 36 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lesbian
Date Jul 20, 2019
Price $ 15.99


Tay's slave, Milla, will now serve her and her friend Morena Rosa, who is blindfolded and tied up in an enormous sexual X. First, Milla pleases her domme's pussy, but soon afterward, she has the pleasure of tasting the pussy of the guest of honor. After Morena is released from the big X, the three of them go to the couch and Milla take turns between sticking her tongue and sucking the ass of the two dommes, besides licking their pussies. They masturbate and moan all the way, and their wet pussies will catch your attention. In the end, Milla is imposed to watch while Tay makes Morena cum a lot. It's a delightful exchange, Milla should feel lucky to be a part of it!

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