Cleo's confession

Tay , Venusss Model , Cleópatra
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lesbian
Date Apr 24, 2021
Price $ 15.99


Cleopatra decided to confess to Venus about her fantasy, she would like to worship her friend's body. Venus decided to help her about that, when Tay got home, venus start kissing her and dominating. Venus removes Tay's clothes and let Cleo to worship her puss and asshole. Tay was treated like a sub and had her body completly worshipped by Venud and Cleopatra.

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Irma Grese

May 02, 2021

I like the domination of Venuss Model. I hope she will come back soon and do some spanking and asslicking.


Apr 26, 2021

Camera angles. camera angles, camera angles. Come on, zoom in more on the kissing and licking not just zooming out for what feels like 10 minutes

Irma Grese

Apr 25, 2021

Hello. I very often get error: This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: 224003) I am positive that my internet speed is sufficient. Is there a technical issue at your side?

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