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Love kiss youngers

Adriana Fuller , Sabrina Green
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Aug 05, 2022
Price $ 15.99


Adriana fuller is addicted in kissing girls, much more when it's youngers... Today Adriana will blackmail Sabrina with her secret, now Adriana will kiss her really hard, swallowing her mouth for complete and satisfying her desires.

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Jul 24, 2022

No more videos with Adriana! The way she kisses other girls is absolutely unerotic and more or less even disgusting. She is good in strapon-fucking other girls, especially Tay, but forget the rest of her performance.


Jul 03, 2022

More Adriana Fuller please!


Jun 17, 2022

I am a fan of Adriana but just not the sound effects she makes. camera angles need improvement


Jun 17, 2022

I respect everyone's opinions. In my opinion Adriana Fuller I find her fantastic when she is not aggressive like in this video. With Tay, Natasha Cruel, Carol Castro is less dominant and in fact I appreciate her videos. I'd like to see her with Vennuss Model.


Jun 16, 2022

4 girls lap lap sitting on office chair. pls next video idea


Jun 16, 2022

Adriana Fuller is in too many movies,( Love me all night long )( Let me swallow your mouth )( Love Kiss Youngers ), and she's very gross and disgusting, too rough on the other women. She knows nothing about romantic lesbian passionate kissing. I will not support any Adriana Fuller Movies, I will continue to gave thumbs down and possibly cancel my Kiss In Brazil Membership.


Jun 14, 2022

Hey NEW MFX Kiss In Brazil, I've said it over and over and over. I don't like Adriana fuller and apparently others don't either that's why this movie has 4 thumbs down. Adriana fuller is Fat, Sloppy Looking, and too aggressive with other women and she always shove her big fat ugly tongue down another woman's throat, NOT COOL. Kiss in Brazil is supposed to be about passionate & sensual lesbian kissing. I refuse to support any Adriana fuller movie. A big thumbs down on this one.

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