Lick my no washed feet

Venusss Model , Amandinha
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Slave
Date Feb 18, 2021
Price $ 15.99


Venus and Amandinha are waiting for the teacher comes, when Amandinha comment about a bad smell, she doesnt know where this smell is coming from, and ask to Venus if she is felling too. For Amandinha's surprise, Venus told is coming from her socks, she had aproblem with washing machine and is not able to wash her clothes. Venus is wearing the same socks for one week. Amandinha complain and venus decided to put the girl to smell her socks. Amandinha refuses but venus is strongest and puts amandinha on knees to start smelling and licking the dirty socks. Venus is excited and decided to extend that to the soles, putting amandinha to lick and wash her soles using the tongue.

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