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Getting in trouble

Natasha Cruel , Adriana Fuller , Penélope
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Female Fight
Date Jan 09, 2022
Price $ 15.99


She is the mother of a girl who is being bullied at school. She very angry that her daughter is being bullied by Penelope and her friends. She decided to go to Penelope's house and talk to her mom. She knocks the door and Penelope opens, they start arguing when Adriana, the mom of Penelope comes, she is polite and invited Natasha to get inside. Now in the living room, they start talking, but penelope are ungry and talking bad words to both, Adriana so suggest to Natasha and Penelope resolve that in a fight. Natasha can not fight but Adriana says to her Peneloep is weak and if something happens, she is there to help Natasha. Natasha agrees and they start fighting, she easily start win and Penelope now is crying and asking to her mom for Help. Adriana enters in the fight and Natasha is confused... that was the plan? asked her... but keep fighting, Adriana is not so strong and Natasha can beat her down too. But Penelope comes to help her mom, now agaisnt two natasha can not fight. Adriana and Penelope can hold Natasha and dominate finally her.

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