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Anything for your happiness

Carol Castro , Manuela
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Asslicking
Date Nov 11, 2023
Price $ 21.99


Manuela is sad, Carol decided to talk to her... why are you sad Manu? said carol... Manu answered her girlfriend has broken up the relationship they had for 2 years. Maybe I can do something to see you better say Carol. Manu thanks Carol for be very kind but there is nothig to do. Carol and Manu keep talking, Manu saying how the relationship was great, etc... Carol definitly wants to do something to see Manu happy again. Manu accept and decided to talk to Carol about the thigs she and her ex loved to do, Carol is able to do it, she can do anything to see Manu happy again. Manu is explaning to Carol and doing at sametime, how her ex could give her pleasure licking her pussy with passion and Carol is doing the samething. The girls keep there, havig sex for minutes, Manu had a deliciuos orgams in Carol's mouth and decided to give her back the same feeling.

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Nov 06, 2023

Seems like an old movie released now.


Oct 12, 2023

Carol, 60 minutes... Am I dreaming?


Oct 11, 2023

Is Carol Castro available to custom movies?


Oct 11, 2023

Is she back???


Oct 11, 2023


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