Kisses and groans

Mirella Lacerda , Bia Mello
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Kiss F&F
Date Mar 20, 2020
Price $ 15.99


Mirella and Bia already start this video in the best way: sitting on each other's lap, with their legs intertwined and their bodies together. They exchange snapped kisses, which make an irresistible noise, but not as irresistible as their moans. With each tongue movement, they make it clear how much pleasure they are feeling, and are even more excited to make their tongues explore each other's mouths and feel all the flavour that the other has to offer. They are very hot, and watching the exchange of saliva between them is extremely exciting. Their eyes remain closed and they caress each other all the time, letting their lips rub for 30 consecutive minutes. Delicious!

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Apr 04, 2020

me han estafado no me deja ver ningun video


Mar 21, 2020

Excellent movie. 2 Beautiful women kissing passionately with lots of lips & tongue action, the sound of their lips releasing sounds great. Please keep making them just like this one. This is one of the best made recently. Great job ladies, Thanks Kiss In Brazil. (The world leader in passionate lesbian kissing).

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