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Plastic bags

Manoela , Renata
Duration 25 minutes
Quality HD
Category Hands Stifling
Date Aug 06, 2018
Price $ 14.99


Manuela arrives home and caught Renata lying in her bed doing absolutely nothing like she does every day! Manuela is sick of that bad behavior, so today she will get her revenge. She grabs a few plastic bags and put on Renata’s head. You can see how much she squeezes the plastic because of how smashed Renata’s face looks. Also, she is having a really hard time breathing through that new punishment. After that, things will only get harder for Renata, Manuela uses the plastic in many ways and even includes her pussy in the punishment. The main focus is to make difficult for Renata to breathe and you can see that Manuela is doing a great job with that!

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