Desiring your feet

Adila VĂȘnus , Mirella Lacerda
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Foot Worship
Date Mar 26, 2020
Price $ 15.99


Adila bought a beautiful gift for Mirella: a new black boot, with a high top! As the redhead loves her girlfriend's feet, she makes Mirella put on her boots and begins to adore her lower limbs. Caressing and rubbing her mouth, Adila takes enjoys her shoes until she gets tired, and leaves Mirella's feet naked, ready to receive a lot of saliva. Snapping her toes one by one, massaging them with her hands and running her tongue over the entire surface of the sole and instep, Adila delights in the taste of Mirella's feet, and makes the brunette go wild with lust every tongue movement she makes. For even better pleasure, these two masturbate at the same time. Delicious!

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