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Be careful with my cell phone!

Bruna Petrovick , Jennifer black
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Foot Stifling
Date Jan 22, 2019
Price $ 14.99


Jennifer and Bruna are spending some time together, when Jenni asks for Bruna to lend her cell phone. Jenni drops it on the floor two times in a roll, what makes Bruna get pissed. Wanting to punish her friend for ruining her cell phone, Bruna will use her feet to teach her a lesson. Taking off her beautiful high heels and obligating Jenni to stay quiet, Bruna covers the girl’s face with her feet to stifle her, keeping from breathing. She imposes her feet against Jenni’s mouth and nose, even using her hands to help to shut them and not letting any air enter. Jenni gets desperate, regretting what she did, but Bruna will make her suffer until the end now. She stifles her friend in so many different positions with her legs and feet that you couldn’t even imagine that could be done! I bet Jenni won't ever joke with her again.

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