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Worshipping Cibelle Mancine's Feet

Cibelle Mancini , Vicky Andrade
Duration 33 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Foot Slave
Date Sep 17, 2012
Price $ 18.99


"I want to go out with my girls that evening. Before I leave the house I order my slave to clean my high heel sandals. I'm waiting while my slave does her job. I want everything my way, my slave obeys me. Stop and think, should I get a massage with her tongue in my soles, my feet chest, let my bare feet!! So she can lick them!I doubt that she can make me pleasure, before I finish with her! Sickens me the fact a bastard be passing the tongue on my feet, but otherwise, I try to please myself, taking advantage of a stupid either!I feel the wet tongue between my fingers, my toes being sucked lightly, not for the tongue! She slips into my heel, makes circular movements, licking all the soles of my feet, I confess I'm getting excited, would love to come into your presence! Nothing like having an asshole to lick my feet, shot advantage of it, I am a queen, obeys me, if I can not put my feet in your throat until you BURKE! "Diary of Cibelle17/09/2012

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