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Swallow my deep feet into your mouth

Carol Castro , Fefe
Duration 30 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Foot Gagging
Date Mar 19, 2014
Price $ 18.99


The goddess Carol Castro wants to use her slave for a foot service, she likes to have her pretty feet worshiped but for today, she is looking for a more hardcore thing. Carol decides to have fun while her slave is suffering, she is excited seeing Fefe in agony, being gagging and having difficulty to breathe. Carol is a sweet girl but she can be cruel when she wants. Carol started giving the order to Fefe clean her sandals but when Fefe swallow her feet that Carol be excited, the Carol's feet is very deep into Fefe's throat, lots of saliva is getting out, giving a extra shine in Carol's dangerous feet. The goddess takes Fefe to her limit, feeling the fingers touching Fefe's throat, sensation that really turns Carol on.

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