I'll kick your ass!

Kate , Iris
Duration 15 minutes
Quality HD
Category Female Fight
Date Dec 16, 2018
Price $ 9.99


Iris gets home ready to do some workout using her boxing equipment, but instead of it, she finds Kate laying on the floor exercising and her with the equipments all missing. Not believing on what she sees, Iris asks her friend what happened and the answer is not even a little bit satisfying: Kate sold all of her stuff and spent all the money the way she wanted, buying things for herself. Feeling betrayed and accumulating anger since the day she couldn’t go to the gym anymore because Kate made a debt there on her name, it’s time to solve things. With punches. They both start hitting each other as harder as they can, with the purpose of hurting each other until one of them give up. Who do you think will triumph on this one? Come and discover!

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