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Be quick or be defeated

Bonie , Barbara Cristina
Duration 40 minutes
Quality HD
Category Female Fight
Date Jun 16, 2019
Price $ 14.99


Barbara and Bonnie are in an insane fight! The video already begins with these two attacking each other in the ring, completely naked, with Bonnie dominating the situation and throwing Barbara on the ground! Of course this is just the beginning and the brunette can reverse the situation later, but that requires a lot of strength and a lot of punches. They pinch themselves, stifle with their hands, pull hair, beat and do everything they can to win, letting their bodies get sweaty with every effort. There are also a lot of facesitting, because they make a point to sit on the body and face of each other with all the weight that has, to crush the opponent! Can you guess which one ended up winning?

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