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Rumble Asses

Bianca , Carol Castro , Samy
Duration 33 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Farting
Date Jan 01, 2016
Price $ 18.99


Something is wrong, the girls start to eat and their bellies are rumbling without stop. This is not right, Carol question to Samy about the food but they cant find the reason for that. Bianca saw that Samy is hiding something and they decided to ask again, what is the problem with this food ? Samy says that use a new peppers sauce. Carol is allergic of peppers, now she will release all this farts into Samy's nose, and be careful because the farts will come out hot. Bianca's belly is not so good to, maybe was the sauce too. The girls asses are very hot and gassy, now Samy will prove the worst farts of her life.

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