have you ever feel something like that?

Carol Castro , Morena Rosa , Jennifer
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Aug 05, 2020
Price $ 15.99


poor jeniffer, in her first farting movie she will forced to inhale the worst farts in the world, Carol Castro and her anal gun plus Morena Rosa after a long hyper caloric diet, together targetting their assholes directly to Jeniffer face. They don't care about the new slave, farting wtihout stop and forcing the pretty girl to breathe. Don't miss

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Aug 23, 2020

Great video! Can we please see more videos with the new fart slave Jennifer?? It would be amazing to see Lola Melo, Carol Castro, and Tay punishing Jennifer with farts


Aug 13, 2020

Amazing!! The new slave is great and this is excellent fart humiliation! More like this please! Would love to see Manuella as the slave getting humiliated like this with disgusting farts


Aug 11, 2020

It's perfect. Almost the slave would vomit. 🤮🤢 Excellent farting humiliation. 👏👏👏


Aug 10, 2020

Loved this! Fantastic scene! Love the new slave Jennifer! Great farting humiliation!


Aug 07, 2020

Morena Rosa got THICC and I love it! Her and Debora Blue should do a Tragic dinner part 2!

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