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Gassy love - Farts in Neon Legs

Carol Castro , Kamila Werneck
Duration 29 minutes
Quality FullHD
Category Farting
Date Apr 03, 2014
Price $ 18.99


Kamila and her friend are talking while Carol cracks a big fart out of her tight legs... for Carol's surprise, Kamilla demonstrates a great interest to smell this gas. After some kisses, Kamilla lowers her head to Carol's belly and covers with kisses, willing to have another fart but this time in her face. Not having success, Kamilla decides to put out a farting that she is holding for so long...(You cant imagine how is great to see Kamilla embarrassed in her first fart). But Carol confort her and encourages Kamilla to keep farting. Now these sexy girls are exchanging farts and smelling deeper in legs... Carol is giving farts so wet that her legs are being dirty and wet... her farts are drooling into the buttocks but this is not a problem for Kamilla, she keeps to smell and smell. Check out this amazing release of newmfx.com

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