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Gassy drink

Carol Castro , Manuela
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Jul 22, 2020
Price $ 18.99


Manuela brought a drink full of gas for Carol to taste, with the intention of leaving the girl with many gases accumulated in the intestine. Carol soon realizes what Manuela wants, and starts burping in her face. Without wasting time, she puts her ass in the air and lets Manuela smell each of the farts that come out of her hole, and the redhead takes a deep breath, letting the rotten smell plague her airways and lungs. Carol gets excited and farts a lot, emptying her belly, and even using a plastic bag and a glass to store the smell of her fart for longer and allow Manuela to smell every fart particle. That fizzy drink caused a long afternoon of rotten farts! Yum!

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Aug 14, 2020

Please don't let Carol Castro leave Newfx. She is the pure heart and soul of NewMfx and all of us.


Jul 16, 2020

Please back carol castro to newscatinbrazil


Jul 16, 2020

YES! More videos with Manuela getting farted on please! She is great as the slave and we love when she is disgusted by it :)

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