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Fine ass, putrid smell

Scarlet White , Felicia
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Sep 02, 2020
Price $ 18.99


Felicia goes to answer the call of her domme, but soon feels the rot of the smell of her fart and complains. Scarlet won’t accept this insult for free, and sits on the slave's face to make her smell the bad thing up close. Felicia sticks out her tongue and gets trapped under Scarlet's ass, while the girl farts non-stop, with a lot of noise. Felicia almost can't stand all that stench on her face, and suffers having her airways consumed by the smell. Scarlet also gets on all fours and stuffs Felicia's nose in her ass, making the girl sniff and breathe deeply every fart that comes out of her asshole. It's a nice ass, but it has a rotten smell!

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Sep 03, 2020

What is it exciting his positions to fart in the nose of his partner is really beautiful !!! Damn the sensations that it gives you can not even imagine !!! Frankly well done I strongly encourage you to continue like this !!! I can't wait to see other facefarting videos with scarlet white she's one of the best farters after lola, patricia carter, carol castro, leslie, hannah and latifa (from the old videos), tay, deborah blue and her sister, Nana Volgue, victoria, morena rosa, lilith, nara lemos, Iohana Alvez, ... and so on and the best !!! Thank you !!!


Aug 27, 2020

It is quite powerful and loud. Almost the slave will vomiting. Excellent. It is worth watching.


Aug 26, 2020

WOW! Love the new slave Felicia! She was great! This is a great humiliation video! Keep em coming!

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