Duration 36 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Mar 17, 2019
Price $ 15.99


Geovana is way satisfied with her maid’s services and mainly with her food. It’s all so good that Geovana ate a lot more than she could handle today, and that’s why she’s not feeling very well now. While complimenting Milla for her great food, Geovana ends up farting in front of her! That’s when the maid complains and this playful boss won’t let her get away without making fun of her and punishing at the same time. Milla will be obligated to smell Geovana’s smelly farts with her face under the boss’ butt, having her nose pointed directly to the hole where the bad gases are coming from. Geovana stifles Milla with her big ass, and the only air the maid is allowed to breath is fart air! Ew!

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