Do you like my smell?

Tay , Isabel
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date Dec 19, 2018
Price $ 15.99


Tay has eaten something that made her intestines get full of gases, smelly gases. As she lays comfortable at her couch reading and releasing her farts from her ass, her maid comes and complains about the bad smell in the room. Do you think Tay would let her get away with no punishment? Of course not. Isabel, the maid, is obligated to smell all Tay’s nauseating farts and lick her big beautiful ass. If you are a real farting and asslicking fan, you can’t miss one more episode of Tay taming Isabel!

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Dec 01, 2018

If Tay is new, she dominated Isabel like a pro!


Nov 30, 2018

Another Super Model. Please don't let her go.

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