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A farting afternoon

Tay , Nicole , Vicky , Nathaly
Duration 60 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Farting
Date May 22, 2024
Price $ 21.99


Tay, Nicole, Natalhy and Vicky are talking about their intimacy and discover that Vicky has never smelled a fart in the house with her sexual partner. Impressed by the news, the girls want to show Vicky what it feels like. Thus begins an afternoon with lots of laughter and lots of wet farts, leaving Vicky surprised by the fetish.

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Jun 13, 2024

Just added a like to Vicky. She loves being black fart slave for pretty white girls. They get pleasure from ganging up on her with their asses and farting together in her mouth. Instead of disgust, she tongue fucks their assholes to give them pleasure while they fart. More.


May 22, 2024

I preferred these girls farting on bibi tsunami. I find Vicky ugly and she should be fired immediately.

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