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Wedding anniversary

Samara , Roberto , Stephanny
Duration 32 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Mar 04, 2019
Price $ 14.99


It’s Stephanny and Roberto’s wedding anniversary, but the husband is not home yet. Not wanting to celebrate alone, Stephanny invited Samara to spend some time with them on this special day. She says amazing things about her husband to her friend, but when Roberto arrives he’s a complete jackass with Samara. He calls her fat and tries to expel her from his house while Stephanny screams for them to stop fighting. When she realizes he’s high, she gets mad and decides to punish him for treating her friend like that. Samara joins her and they both sit on each other’s laps and at his face in a bunch of positions, rubbing their jeans on his nose and keeping him from breathing. This is the price he paid for being rude!

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