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Tired of complaints

Amanda , Josie , Jackie
Duration 28 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Aug 13, 2018
Price $ 14.99


Those three girls are roommates. Amanda and Jackie love to share some intimate moment, they are two hot girls that love each other kisses and bodies. Josie got home and caught Amanda and Jackie making out, then she complains about how none of the girls likes to play with her like that. So the two girls got super angry with Josie and decided to play with her too but in a different way. They lay Josie down on the hard floor and start a fun facesitting play. Josie hates it, but now she can’t run away, she will have to play in that way! Amanda and Jackie are on fire and switch places so both can sit on Josie’s face and give her a really hard time breathing. You can actually see that her face was turning red with the lack of oxygen. Do you think she regrets about all of the complaints?

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