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The nun and the pussies

Jaqueline , Carol Castro , Manuela
Duration 37 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Mar 08, 2020
Price $ 18.99


Nun Jaque is waiting for her students, and when she goes after them, she hears groans in the bedroom. She thinks the girls are sick, but for her surprise, the moans are from pleasure, not pain! Both are making out! The nun tries to repress them, but ends up dominated by them, who undress her and impose her to lie down. The girls rub their pussies in the nun's face mercilessly, and increase the frequency of movements each time she struggles or complains. The girls sit on Jaque in order to hurt her and prevent her from breathing completely, trying to collapse her airless lungs. It seems that the nun was imposed to go against her principles and took two pussies in her face, huh?

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May 29, 2021

I like this. Manuela and Carol Castro are very sexy and beautiful!!!!!


Dec 06, 2020

please grazy or angel lima Sitting on the face Manuela and eating the pussy and rubbing the pussy on the face Manuela to cry and manuela Beg to breathe , but grazy or angel lima slaps manuela , Because manuela is very cute, beautiful and sexy So manuela has to scream and slap to cry


Mar 10, 2020

We want #horror time serries , we want cruel facesitting like old videos of lola mello,aline cruel


Mar 09, 2020

Where is #Horror Time Series## bring back the old newmfx with slapping and real rough facesitting!!


Mar 09, 2020

Thanks to newmfx for bring Carol castro

adri ano

Mar 04, 2020

Greatest scene!! :)


Mar 03, 2020

I hate this slave. She’s way too strong. I like when they are much weaker and able to get really hurt

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