Swallow my pants

Monique , Karina Lemos
Duration 32 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jan 06, 2020
Price $ 11.99


Monique is ready to leave, but as she walks through the living room, she meets Karina, who mocks her clothes and offends her. Of course the redhead doesn't have much patience with that, and she swears to Monique that she'll swallow every word she says. And her pants, too! Big Monique ties Karina's hands so she doesn't run away and sits on her face! You can only see the brunette's desperate eyes searching for a way out, while her lungs get no oxygen and her face gets crushed, sometimes by Monique's pussy, sometimes by her huge ass. The fabric of the pants that Karina so mocked is almost swallowed by her and stifles her, not allowing her to breathe at all. Wow!

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