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Having fun with stolen jeans

Giovanna , Karla , Najara
Duration 28 minutes
Quality HD
Category Facesitting F/F
Date Jul 30, 2018
Price $ 14.99


Giovanna and Najara are making a mess in Karla’s closet, they are wearing her clothes and having fun with it. But Karla storms into the bedroom and gets very angry, so the girls want to put very tight jeans on her. Karla refuses, she’s not in the mood for that stupid play. That’s why Giovanna and Najara will have fun on Karla’s face, literally. They start a very hard facesitting on her because that’s the only way she will shut up. You can see that the two girls are having so much fun, while Karla is having a hard time trying to breathe through their asses and pussies.

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